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What does JBOD stand for?

Excerpt from Wikipedia:

JBOD, meaning "Just a Bunch Of Disks" or "Just a Bunch Of Drives", is used to refer to two distinct concepts:

  • all disks being independently addressed, with no collective properties - each physical disk, with all the logical partitions each may contain, being mapped to a different logical volume: just a bunch of disks.
  • concatenation, where all the physical disks are concatenated and presented as a single disk.

inXtron's usage of JBOD and its definition:

For inXtron products with RAID functionality, JBOD refers to concatenation, where the capacity of all drives is combined and presented as a single large volume. In some places, instead of JBOD, terms such as SPAN or BIG are also used.

For inXtron products, the term Non-RAID is used when all disks are addressed independently and the drives are presented as independent logical volumes.