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1 Is my data safe in a RAID enclosure?
2 What does JBOD stand for?
3 Why do WD hard drives drop from RAID sets intermittently?
4 Capacity limitation of 3.5-inch hard drives
5 Does the IceCube 1394a support large drives over 128GB?
6 What file system should I choose to format my drive?
7 Where can I download the FireWire drivers for Mac OS 8.6 and 9.04?
8 What is the correct jumper setting for IDE drives?
9 Is FireWire 800 backwards compatible with FireWire 400 (1394a)?
10 Does the Clearlight or Daisy Cutter support large drives over 128GB?
11 Slow FireWire 400 (1394a) transfer rates on Windows Vista
12 Why does the first device in a FireWire 800 daisy chain disappear?
13 Can I use more than one interface (e.g. USB and FireWire) at the same time?
14 Does the IceCube Combo2 (USB2.0/1394a) support big drives over 120GB?
15 What is eSATA?
16 Daisy Cutter shows low power indication (red LED), what do I do?!
17 Can I use my 2.5" Enclosure with Bus Power only?
18 Does the 2.5" Alumni Freshman support 60GB HDDs?
19 Can not create partition or format the drive on my Mac!
20 What do the numbers after the product name stand for?
21 Support for 3TB hard drives
22 What is the actual data transfer rate for external hard drive enclosures?
23 What is the actual data transfer rate for USB 3.0?
24 I am a photographer doing stills and video. What kind of storage do you recommend to start with?
25 What is a LAN disk?
26 NAS or DAS, which one should I buy?
27 Can I daisy chain two FireWire devices?
28 Why can’t my old computer recognize my device when connected to a USB port?
29 Why is the FireWire 800 transfer rate on Mac OS X so slow?
30 Why can I not login and open or view my ticket on the help desk?