External Hard Drive Enclosures

inxtron external hard drive enclosures

Portable and bus powered solutions for 2.5" hard disk drives (HDD's) and solid state drives (SSD's)

  • Small and compact storage solutions designed for M.2 PCIe SSDs, mSATA SSDs, 1.8" drives and 2.5" drives
  • Bus powered, fanless and durable storage enclosures that are ideal for on-the-go
  • Tethered, captive or separate interface cables

Desktop solutions with mutliple bays and tray based systems for 3.5" hard disk drives (HDD's)

  • Large multi-bay storage solutions designed for 3.5" desktop drives
  • Available with a wide range of interfaces, including FireWire 400, FireWire 800, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 Gen 2, eSATA, Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2
  • Tray based systems for easy HDD installation and hardware RAID controller for extra performance and data redundancy

Rack mount solutions for multiple 3.5" hard disk drives (HDD's) with hardware RAID controller

  • 1U rack mount enclosure designed to house up to four 3.5" SATA hard drives
  • 4-Bay RAID system in a slim, low-profile rack mount chassis
  • Externally accessible "Hot Swap" removable rack

Optical Disc Drive Enclosures

inxtron optical disc drive enclosures

External ODD solutions for large 5.25" devices and small slim type drives

  • External USB and FireWire enclosures designed for 5.25" and slim type optical disc drives
  • Portable, ruggedly constructed, yet light weight and comes with external AC adaptor
  • Fanless aluminum enclosure or high quality polycarbonate construction with active fan for extra cooling

Network Attached Storage

inxtron nas

Network drives for SOHO environments and personal backups

  • Personal cloud servers for safe and secure network storage with the ability to easily share and access the data over the internet
  • Built-in UPnP media server, iTunes music server and web based file browser
  • Comes with Samba, AFP, NFS and FTP services among many other features

Digital Signage Systems

inxtron digital signage

Standalone media players and network connected dynamic signage solutions

  • Low cost media players, medium range digital signage solutions for high definition playback and scheduled content updates via network
  • Highly customizable network connected and standalone USB, CF or HDD based media players designed for the indoor advertising market
  • Digital signage player in robust metal housing with VESA mount featuring high definition playback with HDMI output

Software Development

inxtron software

Windows and Mac programs to manage and work with external storage solutions

  • Graphical user interfaces for command line based scripts
  • Tools and utilities to monitor, manage and modify the settings and firmware of external storage devices
  • Value-added software to increase usability and add unique features

Mobile apps for iOS and Android based mobile phones and tablets

  • Standalone apps for iOS and Android based mobile devices
  • Remote file access and data sharing for network drives
  • Monitor, manage and configure devices remotely

Operating systems for embedded and non-embedded devices (e.g. digital signage, media players, network drives)

  • Scripts and programs for embedded systems and media players
  • Linux based operating systems for network attached storage
  • Firmware and driver development