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Mvisto/TVisto shows no files found?!

The message "No files found!" may appear when your folder is empty or either files or the hard drive are not recognized. See following tips:

  1. Make sure there is at least one compatible file stored inside the folder. As an example, copy a JPG image to your Pictures folder. 
  2. Make sure the folder names of the top 4 directories are named exactly as mentioned in the manual. If any of the folders are name incorrectly or missing, it will not be recognized at all. 
  3. When removing the device from your computer, make sure to use the safe removal process. Do not unplug the USB cable before it has been un-mounted properly and do not move the device until the hard drive has come to a stop. 
  4. You have used the safe removal and it worked before but it suddenly says "No files found!". Turn off the power, remove the power supply, wait a few seconds and then connect it again. If this does not help, connect it to your computer once more to make sure it is still working and then try again. 
  5. If none of the above helps, format the drive and start from scratch. Ensure that the HDD jumper is set to Master. Erase any existing partitions and create a new PRIMARY partition, then format the drive and set up your folders. Store a few files in it and try again.