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How to create an ISO disc image using iDVD?

To create a disc image of your DVD and play it as ISO file on the TVisto/Mvisto media player, create a DVD project, save it as disc image and rename the resulting file from *.img to *.iso.

  1. Create a new project in iDVD. The following screenshot shows an example of possible settings.
    iDVD Project Info
  2. Create the DVD menu and add your video clips. When you are done, go to the file menu, select "Save as Disc Image..." and save the *.img file on your local disk.
    Save As Disc Image
  3. Rename the file extension of the resulting file from *.img to *.iso and then store the file in the Movies folder of your media player.
    Rename IMG to ISO
  4. Done! You are now ready to play the DVD on your TV using the remote controller of your TVisto/Mvisto media player just like you would use and navigate a standard DVD disc. To stop (eject), press the Stop key and it will return to the file library.