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Capacity limitation of 3.5-inch hard drives

The current specification for ATA-6 (Ultra ATA) is using 48 bit addressing, theoretically, supporting up to 144 Petabytes or 144 Million Gigabytes (1 petabyte = 1 million gigabytes). 

As long as the bridge board in your enclosure supports ATA-6, there are basically no limits to the capacity of the hard drive. The limits are only when hard drives manufacturers introduced proprietary hard drives which do not meet the ATA-6 standard specifications. 

Please note that older bridge boards can only support up to 137 Gigabytes (128 Gigabytes formatted). 

Please check your bridge board specifications with your dealers/vendors before purchasing a new and bigger hard drives.

All hard drive enclosures produced by inXtron nowadays support ATA-6.