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What is a LAN disk?

The term "LAN disk" or "Landisk" is used by inXtron to describe a network attached storage device that also features a USB device connection. It can be used as direct attached storage device or as network attached storage device. The idea behind this product is to provide a simple and easy storage device, mostly for single 3.5" hard drives, that can be shared among multiple users but if necessary, can still be connected directly to a computer.

In 2011, inXtron has further developed the LAN disk series and implemented a new graphical user interface (GUI), new features (e.g. web portal for remote login), additional software for the mobile market (e.g. iPhone and Android app) and a faster USB connection (USB 3.0 SuperSpeed). Since then, inXtron has been calling the new LAN disk series "CloudSync".

The CloudSync series of network attached products still has the same purpose as the LAN disk. It's a simple and easy storage device that can be shared among multiple users but can also be connected directly to a computer for even faster transfer speeds. With the advances in software and GUI, the CloudSync makes sharing and accessing the data even more convenient than it used to be. Data access is guaranteed not only locally at home but also remotely when on-the-road.