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Why can’t my old computer recognize my device when connected to a USB port?

First of all, don’t panic! There are several reasons that could cause your device to not be recognized. Please check the reasons below and whatever you do, don’t reformat or you will lose any data stored on your device.

First, please turn off the device and unplug the power and USB cables.
Reattach the cables and turn on the power.

  1. The USB port on your old computer may not be working properly. Please try one of the other USB ports.
  2. The internal wiring of your USB port may be weak or not connected properly. Please try another USB port.
  3. The USB cable being used may not work properly. If the cable has been bent, twisted or damaged it may not work properly. If the cable is too long, the signal can become weakened. Please try using a different USB cable.
  4. Try connecting to another computer.