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Installing a new drive in the Hydra 800+ using BIG mode (JBOD)

For the BIG mode (JBOD), it is possible to start with less than 4 drives and install more at a later point. The data on the drive(s) that are already installed will be preserved but the data on the newly installed drive(s) will be erased.

  1. Remove the front panel and install the additional drive(s). 
  2. Press and hold the CONFIRM button for 3 seconds. The 3 RAID mode LEDs will light up twice at the same time to confirm when the setup mode has been accessed. 
  3. Release the CONFIRM button. 
  4. Without changing the RAID mode, press the CONFIRM button again to save the settings. 
  5. The device will now automatically reset itself and add the new drive(s). 
  6. Mount the front panel.