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Broken font and unreadable subtitle

For additional font support other then English, the font has to be stored on the hard drive inside MovieStar/Mvisto. If not existing already, create a folder called "Font" inside the "Firmware" folder.

You may use any Unicode Truetype Font (TTF) you have or which is available on the internet but we recommend using the 'Arial Unicode MS'. On a PC, you can find this font by going to Control Panel and then selecting Fonts. After copying the font to MovieStar/Mvisto, rename the file to 'font.ttf'. Example: If original is "arialuni.ttf", rename to "font.ttf".

An alternative font for reference, would be the Code2000, which is a free font available for download at http://www.code2000.net.

Feel free to experiment with different fonts but remember to rename the file to 'font.ttf' after copying it to MovieStar/Mvisto.