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How do I create the folders on my empty HDD?

To create the prerequisite folders, you can either do it manually or download the ZIP file from our website and copy it to your hard drive.

Download and Copy
Download the ZIP file and save it on your local drive. Unzip it, then copy the four (4) folders including subfolders inside the player folder and paste it into your external hard drive (MovieStar/Mvisto/TVisto HDD). Done!

Manually create the folders
Either create the folders on your local drive and then copy it to the MovieStar/Mvisto/TVisto HDD or create them directly on the external drive. Right click and create a "New Folder". Rename it to "Firmware", then create three (3) more new folders and rename them to "Movies", "Music" and "Pictures".

If you want to use a special font or have a different standard TV system, create two (2) more subfolders inside the "Firmware" folder and rename them to "Settings" and "Font". You can now copy the new font into the "Font" folder and add a "Settings.txt" text file with your standard settings into the "Settings" folder.

It is recommended to change the permissions of all prerequisite folders to "Read Only", to prevent any accidental changes to the folder name. These names have to be exactly as seen above or MovieStar/Mvisto/TVisto will not recognize or find the files.