Latest firmware update for inXtron's PD-SATA USB/GbE network attached storage drive with detailed instructions on how to update the firmware.

Supported products:

FileDescriptionFile sizeLast modified
Download this file ( version v1.56b W1.25509 kBOct 06, 2010
Download this file (pdsatausbgbe_history.txt)Firmware HistoryHistory of previous changes9 kBOct 06, 2010
Download this file ( v1.09a14 kBOct 06, 2010

Existing torrent files in the BT download queue will be removed during the firmware upgrade. After the upgrade has been completed, the torrent files have to be added to the queue again.


  • Never turn off your unit during the firmware update procedure. This may damage your device! If the upgrade fails (e.g. power supply failure during firmware update), you may not be able to operate your device anymore.
  • This firmware is only for inXtron's standard products and specifically the model(s) as mentioned above. DO NOT use this firmware for any other devices!


Where to find the current firmware version

  1. Start your network drive, open the web browser and login as administrator.
  2. Go to the Status menu.
  3. The current firmware will be shown in the System Information section under "Firmware Version".
  4. If your current version is the same as the latest release seen above, your unit does not need to be updated. If yours has an older version, follow the steps as described below to update the firmware.
    current firmware version


How to update the firmware

  1. Download the latest firmware and save it on your local disk. Unzip the *.zip file to extract the *.bin file.
  2. Turn on your network drive, use the web browser and log in as administrator.
  3. Stop all current downloads and then go to "Firmware Upload" in the "Maintenance" menu.
  4. Click on the "Browse" button and locate the new firmware (*.bin file) on your computer.
  5. Press the "Upload" button to start the firmware upgrade procedure.
  6. Confirm the pop-up dialog by pressing the "OK" button.
  7. Wait until the page is refreshed automatically and the pop-up dialog confirms the update has completed. This might take a couple of minutes, so make sure the device is not interrupted until the upgrade is finished!
  8. Confirm the pop-up dialog by pressing the "OK" button.
  9. Press the "Reboot" button to restart the system.
  10. After a major firmware update, it is recommended to reset the device back to factory default and then set up the user accounts and other settings again.
  11. Done!


How to update the loader

  1. The loader is not updated with every firmware release, so you might already have the latest version. Check your current loader version on the Status page under System Information and update it only if there is a newer version available.
  2. To update the loader, follow steps 1 through 8 as seen above for the firmware update but instead of uploading the firmware, upload the loader.
  3. After a successful update, turn off the power.
  4. Press and hold the reset button and turn on the power.
  5. Release the reset button 20 seconds after turning on the power and you are done.