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Do I have to install a program on my computer to locate and access MyCloud?

No, MyCloud makes both local and remote access super simple. Just open a web browser and log on to www.myisharing.com from any internet connected computer.

  1. You will be asked for “YOUR HOME SERVER NAME”. Input the MAC address of your unit (located on the label on the bottom of your device) and you will be taken to the second login page.
  2. On page two, input your user name and password (default user name is: admin), (default password is: admin).
  3. Once you have logged in the first time and initiated the device, you can go to the SETTINGS section and change the SERVER NAME, USER NAME and PASSWORD to anything you prefer, just like logging into your hotmail or gmail account, but remember to make all of them something that you will remember.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can install the free Akitio iSharing app from the Apple App Store to access your MyCloud device. To log in from your iPhone/iPad, it's the same as the remote login above, all you need to input is your SERVER NAME, USER NAME and PASSWORD.