# Article Title
1 As an OEM/ODM customer, can we build our own web portal?
2 I'm currently using the MAC address for remote login but can I change it to a different name?
3 Why can I not register a new name for my media server?
4 What do I need to do after installing a new hard drive?
5 I've attached an external USB drive to the network drive. Where can I access the data?
6 How do I safely remove an external USB drive?
7 When I create new user accounts for my friends, do they all store their data in the same HOME directory?
8 How can users share files among themselves?
9 Why is the download service unable to start?
10 Why does the iPhone app not show any video files in the video folder?
11 Why does it take so long to buffer a video before it can play it on my iPhone?
12 Why can my browser (e.g. IE and Firefox) play *.rm files but cannot play *.rmvb files?
13 What browser plug-ins are required in order to have full features of i-Sharing?
14 Do I have to install a program on my computer to locate and access MyCloud?
15 What do I need to install or setup before I can use remote access?
16 Can I stream my files locally from the MyCloud media server to my iPhone/iPad?
17 What does the error "System is running without home partition..." mean?
18 The option "remember me" at the web portal does not save my password!
19 What port is used for the VPN connection?
20 How can I upload an entire music collection at once?
21 How am I supposed to locate my MyCloud device and login?
22 How do I configure my drives?
23 Why can I play videos smoothly at home but not when on the road?
24 Where is the manual?
25 How long does it take to setup the MyCloud?