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How can I upload an entire music collection at once?

When using the upload function in the web interface, files can only be uploaded one at the time. To upload multiple files at the same time, there are two options:

  1. For Firefox 1.5-3.6 and Internet Explorer 6.0-8.0, you can install Google Gears and then simply drag and drop all of your files into the folder.
  2. For other browsers and without Google Gears, mount the network drive to your computer and then copy and paste the files like you would for any of your local folders. If you are connected to the same local network as your MyCloud device, you can use SMB (Samba service). If you are not connected to the same network, you can use WebDAV (e.g. http://servername.myisharing.com/webdav).

Google Gears is not longer supported for the latest browsers (e.g. Firefox 4 and Iinternet Explorer 9).